Tarot Card Reading by The Pragmatic Witch

Tarot Card Reading by The Pragmatic Witch

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October 15h & 22nd Readings will be held in the shop

Join us for in house Tarot Card readings by The Pragmatic Witch.  Each reading will last approximately 15-20 min and sessions will be booked in advance.  Walk-ins will be taken if availability allows.

Sessions will be booked as a General Reading for $20.  If you'd like to change the type of reading you receive, the balance will be due at the time of the session.
General Read - Fee $20, Approximately 15 min.
A three card pull for any kind of question. 

Love Read - Fee $30, Approximately 15 min.
Specifically about love and relationships whether you have someone in mind or are wondering what is next in your romantic life.

Shadow Read - $40, Approximately 20 min.
3 card pull from my black tarot deck. It is meant to give guidance on what you need to realize or work on that’s not so apparent.

Twin Flame Read - Fee $50, Approximately 20 min.
This is only for people who feel they have met their twin flame and know a little bit about the journey.