PROPERgoods is a handmade collection of home décor & accessories, a one woman shop. During my early years, my mother was a seamstress that developed & made her own leather hand bag designs. She started out selling at craft fairs up & down the east coast and eventually opened her own boutique shop on Main St. in downtown Bethlehem, Pa. I grew up sewing alongside her, attending her craft shows & helping in the store after school. That beginning has been my catalyst for always wanting to figure out how to make things for myself or letting my imagination run wild & bringing those thoughts to life. Over the years, I have made many things & am constantly refining my style and technique. 

 My love of clean lines & geometric shapes drew me to the look of traditional Himmeli that inspired me to learn how to make them myself. Although I still make many things, Himmeli & Air Plants have been my main concentration for several years now. My interpretation is a more modern & minimal take on traditional Himmeli, where I search for geometric shapes that inspire me & recreate them in brass tube form. 

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>> AIR PLANTS Are Only Available in Person at Local Vendor Markets << 
At the local vendor markets I participate in, I also have air plants available to purchase because they pair so well with the Himmeli. I am an avid gardener so I keep a stock of air plants year round that I maintain and care for that are only available in person at my shows. In addition to the Himmeli, I really enjoy educating my customers on the tips & tricks of air plant care and all the unique attributes of the plants themselves

 WATERING:  Air plants do best when you soak them in water. They take in all their nutrients through their leaves not through the roots. The roots serve only to attach the air plant to a host tree or rock, nothing more.

> > Soak your air plants in a bowl of room temperature water for up to 1 hour, once a week.
> > Tap water is ok but has less minerals & nutrients. Rainwater is best, but if you don’t have an easy way to capture rainwater, the next best thing is spring water
> > You can fertilize your air plant once a month with a spritz of Orchid Plant Food if desired
> > If your air plant is blooming/has a flower – DO NOT SOAK – this will kill the flower.  Instead, spritz with water several times a week until the flower dries up. Once the flower is completely dried up, you can snip it off & go back to weekly soaking.

DRYING:  The second most important part of watering your air plants is properly drying them after their soak

> > Dry your air plants upside down, so that if there is any water in the base of the plant it can roll out. If water collects in the base of the plant, it can cause the plant to rot. 
> > Air plants should be fully dry to the touch within 2 hours after their bath. Do not return your air plants to terrariums and vases until they are completely dry.

If your air plant develops an unusual white, fuzzy substance on its leaves, you’ll be pleased to find out that this white fuzz is nothing to worry about, it’s the sign of a healthy, happy air plant. The mysterious white fuzz is called Trichomes. Trichomes are small hairs on the leaves of the air plant which help them absorb water & airborne minerals. They also help them to regulate their temperature. Trichomes are important since air plants do not grow in soil or have traditional root systems

All items in the online shop are handmade by Erin unless otherwise noted. I also use my shop as a platform for friends + family that may want to try selling their handmade items online.

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