I learned how to sew from my Mom at a young age, as she was a seamstress in an upholstery factory. I grew up around her honing her craft & eventually turning her hobby of designing handbags into her full time business and boutique store. I am apprenticing under her expertise and we are working together to carry on the tradition of making & crafting handbags from own designs.

I work with a variety of materials: leather, various fabrics including fleece, cottons, canvas, lace, wood, metal, beads & feathers. Most of the items I make stem from a need in my everyday life - I teach yoga, I love my cats and try to invent new ways to entertain them, costume making for events and Halloween as well as aesthetically pleasing yet functional items for everyday use.

I look for ways to reuse materials as much as possible, all the leather I use comes from my Moms vintage back stock. The upholstery weight leather is all over 15 years old yet still soft and supple and I re-purpose scraps of fleece into my Catnip & Crinkle cat toys,

Ultimately I really love making items for people to enjoy & find useful.

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